if you're on the shore, then you're sure not me-oh


While we were at Lake Atitlan, we were pretty disappointed that we weren't able to get onto the lake right away. A lot of people were away for the holidays and there was only one kayak. Also, scuba diving wasn't a great idea due to the algae bloom.

So, when we rode into Panajachel on a pick-up, we decided to take a boat back to San Antonio Palopo.

We negotiated a price with some men on the beach and got in the boat. Suddenly, some kid hopped in and started the engine. The man who we thought would be with us got on another boat and sailed away.

We were a little confused, but the kid seemed to know what he was doing, so we relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

We're so glad that we were able to get that ride back because it turned out that it was the only time we got on the lake. I'm sure an opportunity will present itself where we can kayak and scuba (hopefully, soon)!

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  1. those pictures are beautiful.

  2. Just discovered your blog. What a find, I love travel and photography.

  3. ...considered your blog followed!

    Looking forward to seeing more of the trip.

  4. wow those pictures are gorgeous! I'd love to be on that boat right now!

  5. those pictures are amazing !!
    What beautiful twilight of the day !!

  6. i just saw your wedding photos on max's blog and i'm speachless. they're so AMAZING!

  7. Lovely blog!


  8. The fact that you guys actually WANT to go scuba diving leads me to believe that you are both severely mentally unbalanced.

    Every single animal that lives underwater has about a 90% chance of eating you, especially in crazy parts of the world like where you are.

  9. There is amazing snorkeling and scuba diving quite close to you. If you head to the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras you can go for SUPER cheap and it's one of the best reefs in the world (behind, obviously, the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea, and a few others). The cheaper island is Utila - great prices, week long certification, and absolutely amazing. Roatan is a bit more pricey, but still cheap. I'd check it out if you really want to snorkel. It's a-mazing.

  10. gorgeous pictures. i literally sat here and sighed. : )

  11. So pretty.
    We're thinking of Costa Rica in a few weeks -

    How far are you going?

  12. Jason - we can see Costa Rica from the beach we're on now! We've only just started planning to go there so let us know if you find anything exciting!

  13. Will do!
    And you'll be there before us -
    So DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS! We want to stay in a private bungalow on the beach. Try that out for us, wouldja?? ;)